What Is Copart Dealer Services?

Copart Dealer Services has been around since 2007, and it is an easy way for dealers to sell their vehicles through Copart.

There are 750,000 reasons why you want to do that — that’s the number of Members that Copart has across the globe in more than 170 different countries.

Dealers sell their trades, their auction flips, and their repos. Buy here, pay here dealers can work with Copart and have their vehicles picked up in more than 200 different locations — the number of Copart auction locations in North America.

The fee structure simple. It costs $85 to list your vehicle for sale. That includes a tow up to 25 air miles. When the vehicle gets to a Copart location, it will be washed and vacuumed, then it will be put up on sale where you can run it through Copart auctions for up to four weeks at no additional fees.

Once it sells, there is a 2% sale fee with a $50 minimum and a $150 maximum. The least you’ll pay is $135, and the most you’ll ever pay is $235.

Go to Copart.com/CDS and, as a dealer, start selling your car with Copart today.

DRIVE Auto Auctions’ First Online Auction Today!

In just a few hours, the NEW DRIVE Auto Auctions will hold its first online auction.

The auction starts at 10 a.m. CDT and can be accessed via the DRIVEAutoAuctions.com website or the DRIVE Mobile App. Pre-bidding ends at 9 a.m. CDT, so if you want to pre-bid prior to the auction, the time is now!

DRIVE Auto Auctions’ inventory is exclusive to dealers and other business buyers. On DRIVE, you’ll find dozens of clean title, run and drive vehicles. Here are a few to spark your interest:


2012 Mercedes-Benz C250

Stock #28092488
Odometer: 56,855 mi. (actual)
Run Light: Green
Seller: CIG Financial


2005 Hummer H2

Stock #28098068
Odometer: 205,271 mi. (actual)
Run Light: Red
Seller: RDL Motors Drive


2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring

Stock #24999948
Odometer: 142,503 mi. (actual)
Run Lights: Red & Blue
Seller: SRG


2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Stock #26184838
Odometer: 165,829 mi. (actual)
Run Lights: Red & Yellow
Seller: SRG

If you are a Copart Member, you can easily log into DRIVE using your Copart Member number and password. You must have current business licenses to bid, however.

If you have dealer or business licenses and need to register for DRIVE Membership, visit the DRIVE registration page. Registrations take a minimum of one to two business days to process, so if you are registering now, you will need to wait to bid in next Monday’s auction. DRIVE auctions are every Monday at 10 a.m. CDT.

DRIVE’s first location is called “DRIVE Dallas South,” located in Wilmer, Texas, at 1701 East Beltline Road. Find more details on the DRIVE Dallas South location page.

Why choose DRIVE?

  • Third-party condition reports with 15+ photos
  • 14-day condition report guarantee
  • Full DRIVE Auto Auction Arbitration Policy
  • Seller name and type disclosed
  • Improved and enhanced AutoIMS integration
  • Manheim’s AutoGrade ™, the industry standard condition report grading system
  • Enhanced vehicle listing with additional vehicle features and information
  • Black Book values
  • Industry-standard lighting system (red, green, yellow, and blue lights)
  • Seller Announcements
  • AutoCheck
  • Reconditioning services
  • Free download of photos upon buying a unit on DRIVE
  • Buyer Concierge Desk


Auto Dealers, Sell Your Inventory through Copart Dealer Services


Calling all auto dealers!

copart-mobile-appWith Copart’s virtual bidding technology, you as an auto dealer can put your inventory in front of buyers across the globe! Take advantage of Copart’s more than 750,000 Members in over 160 countries — auto dealers, dismantlers, recyclers, importers, exporters and the general public.

Through Copart Dealer Services, you get:

  • 1st Run +3 Reruns
  • Professional Post-Sale Negotiations
  • Tow-In on Clean Title Vehicles (for the First 25 Air Miles)

No arbitration

  • No red light
  • No green light
  • As Is, Where Is
  • Seller Dashboard & Vehicle Sales Valuation Tool

Copart Dealer Services remarkets your car

  • Drive Status
  • Live Negotiations of Your Vehicles
  • Make An Offer and Buy It Now Options Available

Dealer testimonials

Unlike other auctions, Copart Dealer Services reps negotiate for the sellers even after the sale. Again, this is unheard of at any other auction.

– Eugene Rubinchuk, Michael’s Auto Plaza

I have been working with Copart going on almost 5 years. They have put together programs that work extremely well for my business. Their system is easy for me to use and where there is a problem it’s fixed within a relatively short period of time.

In working closely with my Copart Account Manager, we discuss my inventory every day and sell all we can for the most money. My Account Manager works all three of the top and previous bidders and usually finds the one that will pay top dollar.

– Chad Webster, Sign Then Drive Motors, LLC

Contact Copart Dealer Services today to learn more and get started!

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