Hundreds of Harley-Davidsons Available at Copart

Copart has an extensive inventory of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale. From Sportsters to Super Glides. Shovelheads to Softails. Clean-titled cruisers to chopper project bikes. Copart has the Harley you’ve had your eye on. Search for yours today.

Lot #37119828
CrashedToys Location: MA – SOUTH BOSTON
Sale Date: Future
Primary Damage: FRONT END
Highlight: Run and Drive Verified

Lot # 36678718
CrashedToys Location: PA – PITTSBURGH EAST
Sale Date: 01/02/2019
Primary Damage: FRAME DAMAGE
Highlight: Run and Drive Verified

Lot # 39107138
CrashedToys Location: MT – HELENA
Sale Date: 01/08/2019
Primary Damage: Side
Highlight: Run and Drive Verified

Lot #51344988
Copart Location: DC – WASHINGTON DC
Sale Date: Future
Primary Damage: REAR END
Highlight: Run and Drive Verified

Be sure to check out the rest of the Harley-Davidson inventory on

Want to see these bikes in person?

Viewing and inspection of these vehicles is available by appointment or within special viewing hours for Copart Members. Please contact the location storing the lot for appointments and viewing times. Register to become a Copart Member for free today.

Want to place a bid on a Harley-Davidson from Copart?

Members must register at to be eligible to bid.

Whether you’re planning to bid on these vehicles or not, be sure to attend the live, online auction to watch as they’re sold to the highest bidders!


Copart有数百种二手摩托车等您来竞标。在无数品牌摩托车中,您可在Copart的在线拍卖中找到多种型号的哈雷摩托车  。从车型XL883 到XL1200,Copart可以为您的下一辆摩托车提供一辆完美的哈雷。马上搜寻哈雷摩托车


商品编号 #37119828
主要损坏部位: 车辆前端
亮点: 可以正常运转和行驶

商品编号 # 36678718
亮点: 可以正常运转和行驶

商品编号# 39107138
Copart地点:MT – HELENA
亮点: 可以正常运转和行驶

商品编号 #51344988
亮点: 可以正常运转和行驶


Изменения в расписании аукциона в праздничные дни

Copart желает Вам радостных праздничных дней! Предлагаем Вашему вниманию изменения в расписании онлайг-торгов с 24 декабря по 4 января. 


Площадка Стандартное расписание Праздничное расписание
95 – Amarillo Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
113 – Anchorage Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
146 – Atlanta Tuesday, 12/25/18 Friday, 12/28/18
50 – Baton Rouge Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
136 – Birmingham Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
203 – Calgary Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
125 – Columbia Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
96 – Corpus Christi Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
61 – Detroit Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
31 – Glassboro East Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
104 – Eugene Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
64 – Graham Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
162 – Hampton Tuesday, 12/25/18 Friday, 12/28/18
23 – Hartford Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
106 – Helena Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
11 – Houston Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
44 – Indianapolis Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
114 – Knoxville Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
123 – Lincoln Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
202 – London Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
38 – Madison Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
33 – Miami South Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
80 – Minneapolis North Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
205 – Montreal Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
68 – Denver Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
108 – Ocala Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
18 – Oklahoma City Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
85 – Pittsburgh South Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
54 – Raleigh Tuesday, 12/25/18 Monday, 12/24/18
97 – Rancho Cucamonga Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
2 – Sacramento Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
130 – Salisbury Tuesday, 12/25/18 Friday, 12/28/18
6 – San Jose Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
88 – Tifton Tuesday, 12/25/18 Thursday, 12/27/18
201 – Toronto Monday, 12/24/18 Friday, 12/21/18
32 – Washington D.C. Tuesday, 12/25/18 Wednesday, 12/26/18
155 – Webster Tuesday, 12/25/18 Friday, 12/28/18

Новый Год

Площадка Стандартное расписание Праздничное расписание
95 – Amarillo Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
113 – Anchorage Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
146 – Atlanta Tuesday, 1/1/19 Friday, 1/4/19
295 – Atlantic Canada Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
50 – Baton Rouge Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
136 – Birmingham Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
203 – Calgary Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
125 – Columbia Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
96 – Corpus Christi Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
61 – Detroit Tuesday, 1/1/19 Monday, 12/31/18
31 – Glassboro East Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
104 – Eugene Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
64 – Graham Tuesday, 1/1/19 Monday, 12/31/18
162 – Hampton Tuesday, 1/1/19 Friday, 1/4/19
23 – Hartford Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
106 – Helena Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
11 – Houston Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
44 – Indianapolis Tuesday, 1/1/19 Monday, 12/31/18
114 – Knoxville Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
123 – Lincoln Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
202 – London Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
38 – Madison Tuesday, 1/1/19 Monday, 12/31/18
33 – Miami South Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
80 – Minneapolis North Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
205 – Montreal Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
68 – Denver Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
108 – Ocala Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
18 – Oklahoma City Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
85 – Pittsburgh South Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
54 – Raleigh Tuesday, 1/1/19 Monday, 12/31/18
97 – Rancho Cucamonga Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
2 – Sacramento Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
130 – Salisbury Tuesday, 1/1/19 Friday, 1/4/19
6 – San Jose Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
88 – Tifton Tuesday, 1/1/19 Thursday, 1/3/19
201 – Toronto Monday, 12/31/18 Friday, 12/28/18
32 – Washington D.C. Tuesday, 1/1/19 Wednesday, 1/2/19
155 – Webster Tuesday, 1/1/19 Friday, 1/4/19

Посетите раздел Площадки, чтобы связаться с нужной Вам площадкой. Счастливых праздников!

Copart Germany Now Up to Six Locations for Storing and Selling Vehicles

Over the past week and a half, Copart has announced the opening of four new locations in Germany. Now that’s some serious growth!

Joining existing Copart Germany locations of Hannover and Leipzig are:

  • Mannheim – Next auction is November 13
  • Nuremberg – First auction is November 9
  • Berlin South – First auction is November 12
  • Frankfurt – First auction is November 16

On the Auctions Calendar you’ll see the dates for upcoming auctions. By clicking the name of any location on the Auctions Calendar, you’ll be able to easily access that location’s Sale List.

This season of growth for Copart Germany is an exciting time for buyers and insurance companies alike. Both benefit from Copart’s patented online vehicle auction platform, “one of a kind in the auto auction industry,” as Alain Van Muenster is quoted in the Berlin South press release.

With the increase of new locations comes the increase of available inventory on As of today, more than 500 vehicles are up for bid. Visit the Vehicle Finder to quickly access vehicles according to make, vehicle type, damage type and more.

Become a Copart Germany Member for FREE!

Business buyers in and around Germany should take advantage of Copart Germany’s free registration promotion to become a Copart Member. Registration is a two-step process: submit the online form, then send business registration and VAT ID to Once the documents are verified by the Copart Germany Team, you’ll receive a confirmation email and be able to bid.

The Copart Germany website and mobile app are currently available in four languages: English, German, Polish and Spanish. Providing a multi-language site gives more prospective buyers the opportunity to navigate the auto auction process in a language they feel comfortable using.

Further Reading

Have Questions? Contact Copart Germany.

This Classic 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Exudes Excellence

Copart’s Houston, TX location will be selling this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro through its live online vehicle auction on Friday, March 9, 2018.

Take off in style with this classic muscle car, which exudes excellence with its detailed, well-executed orange finish. Climb inside and you’ll see a well-kept, impressive interior with a great deal of stunning touches.


Vehicle Details

  • Document Type: SC – Certificate of Title
  • Highlights: Run and Drive
  • Primary Damage: Minor Dents and Scratches
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Keys: Yes


Want to see this Chevrolet Camaro in person?

This vehicle is available through Copart’s Houston location. Viewing and inspection are accessible within special viewing hours to Copart Members only. Register to become a Copart Member for free today.

Want to place a bid on this Chevrolet Camaro?

Live online bidding on this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro will start at 12 p.m. CST on Friday, March 9, 2018. Mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity! Bid via or the Copart Mobile App, available for iOS and Android devices.

Top 5 Clean Title, “Buy It Now” Auction Vehicles at Copart Somerville, New Jersey

Clean, cheap and efficient. Sometimes, that’s all you can ever hope and want for.

Luckily, Copart’s Somerville location in New Jersey is offering clean titles that you can buy now with our “Buy It Now” option. Somerville is looking to clean house on select clean titles — and fast.

Here are five of the top clean title vehicles from Copart’s Somerville location:

1. 2003 Honda Civic

You can never go wrong with a 2003 Honda Civic. With 108,000 miles on the odometer and valued at $6,000, this vehicle can be all yours for a Buy It Now price of just $675. You may need to change the front bumper though — it sustained a few scrapes from its previous owner.

2. 2001 Honda Civic

Civic, back to back! This 2001 Honda is priced to buy now at $600, with 146,000 miles on the odometer and valued at $4,500. It has a few dents and scratches around its hull, but it’s nothing that you can’t take care of yourself! After all, we recently posted a guide on how to get those dents out of your dream car.

3. 2007 Chevrolet Malibu

nj-1This blue Chevrolet Malibu has the ride and the miles to match its Buy It Now price of $700. With 160,000 miles on the odometer and valued at $8,500, this sweetie is a solid choice if you’re looking to hit the road with compactness in mind.

4. 2003 Jeep Liberty

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of vehicle purchasing. This black Jeep Liberty has the miles and the tires to pack quite a punch. With over 165,000 miles on its odometer, this Jeep is valued at $7,000, but your Buy It Now price is only $800.

5. 2007 Toyota Sienna

A high quality vehicle from start to finish, this 2007 Toyota Sienna is one of the best-looking vehicles in Somerville’s selection. The pristine ride comes at a cost, however: it has over 500,000 miles on its odometer and its Buy It Now price is $2,200. Its market value is based at $11,500, though, so if you have the money, this ride may provide the best bang for your buck.

Want to see what else our Somerville, New Jersey location has to offer? Find out here.

3 Reasons To Buy An Exotic Vehicle Today


Ferrari. Lamborghini. Bugatti. Maybe you’ve been eyeing these exotic cars all your life but haven’t had the money to get your dream ride.

Until now.

As you may know, Copart offers great vehicles at affordable prices in weekly auctions. What you may not know is that these vehicles even include exotic glamour rides, from McLarens all the way to Porsches. And yes, they’re often fixer uppers, but if it means owning a Mercedes-Benz, the repair costs just might be worth it.

Here are three reasons to buy an exotic vehicle today:

1. Image

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. It’s no secret that exotic vehicles are among the most sought-after vehicle types. From the sleek body design to the pristine paint jobs, there’s a reason why these babies turn heads at local nightclubs and bars. If you’re looking for the attention, there’s no better way of doing it than getting an exotic ride.

2. Safety

More often than not, luxury vehicles come equipped with more safety features than standard vehicles. According to Consumer Reports, 71% of vehicles purchased from 2009 had more reliable safety features if they cost at least $30,000.

In other words, the more expensive it is, the safer it is — usually. Exceptions do apply, especially with auction vehicles, so keep that in mind as you’re shopping for your .

3. Quality

If you’re getting a luxury car for an affordable price, it’s worth every buck. From their sleek frames, to their comfortable interiors, to their great mileage, luxury vehicles are typically the best in every aspect of the automobile industry. According to Forbes, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Porsche and Toyota are the brands with the highest overall quality for 2008.

The high quality comes at a cost, but luckily, the luxuries usually aren’t so expensive at Copart.

Start your search for specific exotic makes and models using the Copart Vehicle Finder!

The Sum of Parts is Greater than the Whole

The Sum of  Parts is Greater than the Whole – At Least in Dismantling

Willis came into this industry as a dismantler, but he didn’t just dismantle cars, he did the parts too. Generally, when customers came to buy parts from dismantlers they got the whole package, whether they wanted it or not. Willis did not see any sense in customers paying $400 for a fully dressed motor with the alternator, starter, and other parts still hanging on it when the customer already had a working alternator.

Willis decided to make a change. If a customer went to Mather, he or she could buy just the motor for $275 and alternator for $25. When wrecked cars arrived at Mather the additional parts were taken out, restored and sold separately. By the time he was done he could get double the amount for the same parts, and the customers were happier. “This caused my profit margins to far exceed that of my competitors,” said Willis.

10 Unique Car Accessories Under $25

Customizing your car can be a pricey task. It can also be time consuming. Sometimes, accessories that are easy to use and cheap can be a little gimmicky or tacky. If you’re looking to spice things up for your ride, or if you’re looking for useful accessories that don’t break the bank, try these 10 accessories under $25.

1. These cool sun shades are not permanent enough to regret but fun enough to enjoy. Made in different moods for all types of car enthusiasts.1-aYour car can now express itself
$13.47 on Amazon

2. If you’re a dog/cat owner, you know the struggle of shedding. This American Kennel Club seat cover can save you the mess.
Happy dog, happy car.
$17.72 on Amazon

3. You might already have a charger for your phone in your car, but do you have a phone charger/cup/phone holder contraption? I don’t think so.
You need this.
$19.99 on Amazon

4. Holding your phone for directions is a huge hazard, and some people don’t want a clunky GPS style phone holder in their car. This small accessory can keep you safe while following directions!
Only $2.00?
$2.00 on Amazon

5. We love our pets, but they can also be a hazard to us when driving. Keep a friendly barrier between yourself and your furry friend, especially on those longer car trips.

Stay away, beast.
$9.50 on Amazon

6. If you drink coffee on your way to work-or on your way to everywhere- use this hot rod mug to keep your beverage warm!


Not exactly for your car, but, if you love coffee you should have this.
$20.89 on Amazon

7. Tired of your seat belt buckle holders disappearing into the never-ending dark pit between your seats? Use these Buckle Mates!
You will never be uncomfortably poked by these again
$13.95 on Amazon

8. Show a hip youngster in your life that you care. Seat belts keep you safe, now they can keep you stylish too.

This is what you get when you Google search Hipster Car Accessories.
$8.00 on Etsy

9. As ridiculous as this concept seems…we’ve all gotten burgers on a speedy drive when we’re not able to stop for a sit-down meal. This gadget may come in handy for your fries.

You can use it for other things too…like tater tots!
$2.99 on eBay

10. Of course, if you want to go for the simplest form of accessorizing, try a funny decal.
$5.00 on Etsy

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